neděle 28. září 2014

Letní zaláskované chatování

... trochu přislazený, leč stále skutečný příběh, který pro jeho atmosféru ponechám v původním znění, omlouvám se tedy všem, kteří nerozumí angličtině a ještě víc těm, kteří se budou děsit nad úrovní té mé, ale i to je součást jednoho letního pobláznění ...
... jako většina letních lásek, vlastně spíš zamilovaností, i tento příběh má svůj začátek a konec, který se dá s trochou snahy vypozorovat i v tomto přepisu otevřeného chatu na knize tváří ...
... pokud byste snad chtěli alespoň částečně porozumět, můžete si přečíst tento letní článek, v němž o některých událostech píšu svýma očima ...

8.7., 17:35
I hope you enjoyed your afternoon. See you tomorrow. ;)

8.7., 21:08
a bit, thanks. they forgot me there :) I came by taxi. now i'm bored at house. Did you enjoy the your one?

Oh, really? 
yes, but it wasn't the best afternoon in my life


Maybe because i was little bit bored a i felt alone with them...
What are you doing?

just watching videos on phone

Nothing interesting

maybe its a bit late for going out <.<

i must go. Have a nice night. See you tomorrow morning ^.^
But we can go out tomorrow...

yep. good night :):)

9.7., 18:55
How should our story about house end? :D

10.7., 18:36
Can you send me please the photos?

sorry, i just remebered that i had token them by the camera. I don't have any computer
when I go back to Sicily, I'll send them to you

11.7., 00:00
Good night. See you tomorrow. Maybe in Italian you say Buenno note? :DD

Buonanotte ;)

Dobrou noc ;)
And "sweet dreams"? :*)

11.7., 12:54
it is luck that we have technology to comunicate

It's impossible that we speak with Facebook and we are 0.5 m far. :D



11.7., 18:45

Without me and the photo is perfect :D ;)

it exists just because we are together

I'm so sad I'm leaving...


It was verry very very really very very nice.. beautiful to meet you. And I will never forget. And I'm sorry I didn't tell you it, because I'm not brave...

♥_♥ forgiven
that was the same to me. I am shy
maybe we can see each other in the future

Maybe ... future.. i hate this words...

I know the best people ar always far away from me :/

Although we can be in contact on facebook, it will never be the same like this week.. 
I will miss you..
And your way you are

you know, I can host you in my hometown, some summer! it would be great 
just want to see you again!

Who knows if you will remember me next summer.. maybe you will have girlfriend, you will study .. but yes, it would be great

i can't forget about my best friends, cause friendship is important for me, and i won't


and I dont have a girlfriend. you know about my problem ;D

Yes but now i know you and i think you can have girlfriend. The girls are crazy when they say no to you.

thanks.. :)
but I will remember this week forever, cause it was so great


miss you :(

it will be hard.. -_- :(

:( very

What are you doing? ^.^

falling asleep :) and you?

The same :D

ahahah :)

Do you have any favourite quote? :)

yep, many
maybe the favourite one is "Wake up, it's time for the real nightmare to begin" 
and yours?

A lot of too. Actually I can remember for example "It isn't important to be nice, but it's nice to be important."

wow *-*
sorry, i am very tired. please write me here when you will leave tomorrow.. ok?;)
good night 
love ♥
buonanotte! ahah

Buonanotte drahý let's go to dream about you :*)

you will explain me the meaning of drahy ;)
hope to dream you! haha
have a nice travel :*
and thanks for the week

12.7., 6:59
Hope you slept well :D
write me something in Italian. Something about your feelings... :)

12.7., 9:33
By the way, what is your favourite flower and what is her name in Italian?

12.7., 17:35
Sono stato davvero bene con te. Ora mi manchi
my feeling!
about flowers.. I don't have any favourite, but I think the yellow Tulipano :)

12.7., 19:35
I´m back home. :) And I miss you :´(

good luck with your return!!

It´s strange... sitting in my bedroom, writing on my computer... thinking about last two weeks (or probably about last one week) ...
How are you? :)
I hope GoogleTranslation doesn´t lie a your feelings are true :) :3

13.7., 18:38
what did GT said about my feelengs? ahah :)
Im glad you came back home save! tomorrow you'll meet your sister. think you have many things to tell each other :)

And how was your day? What did you do? Did you enjoy it? :)
My sister came and went to sleep, so we couldn´t say anything :D

we went to an aquarium, than had freetime. really good :)

I´m glad you are fine :)

13.7., 22:30
still missing you :(

me too
And have you got someone to talk and laugh with there?

maybe yes, for today. Id like to find soneone who really wants to stay with me

I really want... :) :(

i know ;*)
do u really love what I said about the photo? c:

i love almost everything what you said :3

14.7., 22:40
Buonnanotte ;)
What was your day? What about school? :P

15.7., 12:51
very good. there are new students, italian, and they love to make new friends! I have turckish (dont know if I wrote it right), three girls, and some times stay with other students. it is just a sad that you are not here... how about you? what about your life in there?

15.7., 19:57
I'm glad you have new friends (btw turkish girls are beautiful and atractive.. aren't they? :)Hope you won't fall in love O_O)
I'm fine. Yesterday I told my friend about you. She was surprised I met so beutiful Italian guy :*)
Btw what does the quote you share mean? :)

16.7., 21:35

Your country i suggested my family place for next summer :* :3 :)

17.7., 20:48
Hiiiiii here I am
really you think I am so beautiful? u_u hehe, thanks :3
That quote means "wake up, its ti e for the real nightmare to begin". its the beginning pf one of my favourite videogames :)
how are you doing?

I´ve just come back home from trip. So I´m tired and full of nice memories And you ? :)

wow *-*

Is it coincidence or just picture of my feelings? (from one small place in the Czech Republic ) :))

I was sick yesterday xD

Ouu, what happend to you? :O
Are you ok?

I swam yesterday night xD

? :D
where, why? tell me everything :D

Boat party :)

I´m not sure if it was good idea :D
So you are fine (without your illness) there? :)

me too xD
very fine. Im not very sick now ^^

I´m glad :)
And when are you coming back home?

in a few days ;)

Are you looking forward to return home? :)
Hmmm, good night and sweet dreams. 
And, please, tell me if you don´t want me to write you. I don´t want to waste your time. I can write my feelings in diary... (Have you ever heard about first loves? summer, impossible loves? ) :)

17.7., 23:31
sorry I needed to hurry up..
of course I like speaking with you, you should know you can tell me all you want. hope it's the same for you ;) of course i've heard about them. what about you? :)
and have a good night :):*

18.7., 7:48
I think one of these loves has just catched me :)

18.7., 19:54
nice. how did it end?

you know. ... :)
btw, your new status - i understand only aquapark and idiot. What happend? :D

I was the only one screaming on them. Even girls were normal -.-


now tell me about the love

Where should i start? What would you want to know? :)

was he a boy?

of course :)


Any other questions? (I hope you don´t need more words ) :)

why did it end

Because I had to come back home. Boring home without him.. And we are so far away, and I´m too young and not good enought for him, so it just ended... (but I´ve started to learn his language :))
Mmm, never mind. Buonnanotte. :)

that story reminds me something :)
buonanotte ♥

20.7., 10:00
Hi today I'm going back to Sicily :)

20.7., 11:49
Have nice journey and write me when you will be home :)

21.7., 14:50
Im at home, since yesterday evening, with a cold ^^

And how do you feel? Were you somewhere with your friends? :-)

21.7., 19:25
i got a cold. invited them to come in my place but they refused. they don't have how to get here
what about you?:)

Hope you will be healthy early :)
 I'm still the same. :D

thank you :):)

And how about weather in Sicily?

like in malta, but colder ^^ in your village? :)

It's raining. :DD

I love rain *-*

21.7., 23:00
goodnight ♥

22.7., 7:51
Good morning :)

22.7., 16.37
how are you? :)
Today I borrow Italian textbook and Italian-Czech/Czech-Italian dictionary :D :3

good morning. today I feel much better, and you?
really? are you going to learn italian? :3

I´m glad. :) And I´m okay. :) Yes, I´m gonna start today :3 ;)
now I just practise the pronunciation. :)
you can give me sometimes some advices :D

sure :):)

Okay, so My name is Vlasta is "Mi chiamo Vlasta" ? :D
(I haven´t get to grammar yet) :)

excellent :D
how is it in your language?

We can say "Mé jméno je Vlasta" (it means My name is Vlasta) but we usually say "Jmenuji se Vlasta" and it´s something like "I´m called Vlasta", but in English there isn´t the verb. :)

wow :3

Do you want to learn Czech? :D

no xD

:p :D

drowed some (funny) cards for my favourite card-game xD
see you ;)

Hope so :)

23.7., 13:35
Hi :):)

Hi :)
How are you? :)

fine now, thanks :D you?

:3 fine too


I found we have some "Italian" advertisings in TV. "Mozzarella Galbani - numero uno in Italia" :D

wow :D

And what about some Italian authors of literature? I can´t remember anyone. :)

my favourite one is Dante Alighieri
then there are Giacomo Leopardi, Ugo Alfieri...
don't remember anyone who is still alive xD

really? :D


don´t you read modern literature? :)

but not italian. but i had a book gifted... it's written by Paolo Villaggio. He should be a humorist

And have you ever read something by Czech authors? :)

nope. enlight me :)

mmm, classic authors: Karel Čapek, Jiří Wolker, ... and modern (and so beautiful and quality literature): Iva Pekárková, Arnošt Lustig ... (I´d like to hear you how you´re trying to say our letters ) :)

ahahah!! I need to hear you first :):)


23.7., 15:16
rjejenkova :')

? :D

nothing : D

no, what? :D
please ;)

your surname :D

I see :D


and Č is... you say ciao, we say čao and it sounds the same ;)

very interesting :D
i got to be going now. see you later ;*)

It´s strange for me to say "see you later" because it exactly means "we will see each other later." and i´m not sure that...

22.7., 22:41
*write you later xD
what is the time in there?

22:42 :)
i´m alone here and watching Once upon a time what about you? :)

the same, but watching "you, me and dupree"



are you happy? :)

no xD

why not? :)

i didn't understand what did you mean xD 

"tralala" sounds happily :)

i was bored

i was boredAm I or is your serial boring? :)

not you. the rest :)
good night, im going :)
sweet dreams

in italian? :)

25.7., 11:52
buonanotte, devo andare
sogni d' oro


in Czech?

Dobrou noc, odcházím. Krásné sny. ;)


how does Czech sound to you? 

similar to russian :') maybe I can understand something :)

do you have any favourite italian song?

no :')

29.7., 13:14

Hi :)
how are you? :)

not bad, thanks


when are you starting study? :)

in September You? :)

me too

Are you looking forward to it? :D
(me not, if you´d want to ask ) :D

i dont understand xD 

I asked if you want to go to school ;) :D

i dont :P

29.7., 15:26
bye ;*


7.8., 11:31
hi :)

24.8., 22:00

11.9., 01:05
if you didn't want to talk to me anymore, you could say it to me

11.9., 6:59
What? Of course I want, I didn't notice your message sorry... :/

11.9., 12:06

And how are you? Has your school already started?

on 17.
what about you? :)

Grrr My school started 1.9. -_-


And what about your holidays? Where were you? :)

in Malta!

Of course :*) :) but in August? Were you anywhere or what were you doing? :)


and now you are at home? :)


And what are you doing? :)

searching something interestimg on tv 

I'm at school on Math lesson :D

really? woow T_T 

I know :´DD

whitch agument?

If you sit in front of the teacher she probably won't see your mobile under the desk ;)


Where is/will be your place in class ? :)

i dont care

15.9., 12:44
what about italian? :P

Better don't ask :D

16.9., 23:43

17.9., 9:41
But I still want... :)

17.9., 16:41

článek je součástí Hřejivé výzvy 

4. Pouze dialogy, prosím! (libovolný útvar)

1. * 2. * 3.

o výzvě, jejích úkolech a pravidlech se můžete dočíst tady

15 komentářů:

  1. Statt zu lernen, sitze ich vor dem Bildschirm und bin ich gerührt. (Promiň, ale fakt se mi hodila moje oblíbená gramatická struktura :))
    Nevím, co na to říct. začalo to krásně. Je to tvojí součástí. Navždycky. NIkdo ti tu vzpomínku nevezme. Ale moc z toho nesmutni :*

    1. Nesmutním. Bublinky vyprchaly, zbyly jen vzpomínky a tahle konverzace... ;)

  2. To je krásné, Vlasti. I já měla takovou esemeskovou aférku, ale už jsem ji vymazala (!! dávno! :-D ale vlastně se mi to chvílemi vrací a je to místy ještě nesrostlá rána - to odbíhám od tématu) a vlastně to nebylo nic tak srdečného, jako tohle. Sluší vám to spolu a jsem ráda, že ses rozhodla podělit se s tím.
    Fotka srdíčko-mraku je fascinující. A "sogni d'oro" - taky moc pěkný výraz; neznamená to doslovně něco jako "sny ze zlata"? :-D
    A taky se mi líbí tvůj výběr nejlepších českých autorů ;-)
    ...No zkrátka téma s dialogy jsi vystihla dokonale. :-)

    1. Sny ze zlata, kéž by byly skutečností. Pozlátko snů se ve skutečnosti vůbec netřpytí. :/ Děkuju. :)

  3. Přestože nerozumím ani zbla, (snad mimo slova dobrý večer či dobrou noc), je to velkolepé dílo! Vidím, že sis s tím dala pořádnou práci a vím, že píšeš skvěle. Takže, další zářez do Hřejivé výzvy! Povedlo se.

  4. Jelikož miluju angličtinu, tak všemu rozumím, jen jsem měla problém se ze začátku se chytit :)
    Vlastně to bylo skoro jako nahlížení někomu přes rameno :)) Hlavně hezké je to loučení na dobrou noc :))

  5. Krásné. Na to se nedá nic jiného říct. Měla jsem podobný chat, ale vymazala jsem ho. Už jsem z toho všeho vyrostla... Bylo to moc dávno. Mohla by ses prosím podívat na můj příspěvek k tomuto tématu? Ráda bych věděla, co si o něm myslí někdo jiný...

    1. Já nevymazávám, abych mohla vzpomínat, i když to bolí... :)

  6. Moc pěkné. :) Já bych neměla takovou odvahu něco takového sdílet na blogu. :P (y)
    Takže obdivuji. :) A mám z toho trochu pocit, že ti lezu do soukromí. :D

  7. Angličtina tomu dodává punc výjimečnosti, a přitom tak známé pocity... a ten jeho citát se mi líbí. :-)

    1. Spíš je to připomínka naivity a neznalosti. :D

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